After elementary school, Marjan Pišot attended high school in Ajdovščina and then went on to study at the Faculty of Architecture (FAGG) in Ljubljana, where he graduated in June 1985. In July 1985 he started working at PRIMORJE and continued working for the same company until June 1989, when he got a job at the Department of Urban Planning at PROJEKT D.D. NOVA GORICA. In 1991 he co-founded the company PROBIRO Ltd. Based in Ajdovščina together with PROJEKT. In 1997 he founded his own company PROATELJE Ltd. where he is still working today. In 1998 he bought the ARCHICAD 3D program with which he is still drawing with passion today. As an architect he has created many important buildings.

Between 1991 and 1996 he designed the Novi dom furniture fair in Šempeter pri Gorici and the commercial building Petrič Ltd. In Ajdovščina. In 1997 he was given the task of creating the complete architectural image of the Arkade agritourism farm in Črniče and designing the artisan area in Črniče. In 2003 he was invited to collaborate with Ivo Boscarol, which first led to the construction of the Pipistrel 1 commercial building and later, the Pipistrel 2 commercial building, as well. In the meantime, he also designed the building of the Ajdovščina Chamber of Crafts and in the following years, he helped constructing two commercial premises, the Šapla in Lokavec and the Curk Transporti in the Vipava craft area. In 2009 he faced an especially important challenge, because he designed the commercial building Bia Separations in Ajdovščina. In 2014 he designed the commercial structure Living in Ajdovščina and the bowling center in Sežana. Recently he has been devoting himself to the design of individual residential houses in the Karst region and in the Vipava Valley.


Conceptual project for the acquisition of the project and other conditions (IZP)
We send the client's wishes, the scenario of the building's operation, the functionality of the building, the views of the parcel and the conceptual project via e-mail, and you can use the appropriate GRAPHISOFT application to walk through the building on the your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The conceptual project for obtaining the project and other types of conditions is intended to obtain the project and other types of conditions, and contains the information on the basis of which the opinion-giver, in accordance with their competences, determines the conditions for the preparation of the documentation for obtaining the building permit, for the execution of the construction and for the use of the structure.

Project documentation for obtaining building opinions and permits (DGD)
The project documentation for obtaining opinions and building permits is intended to obtain opinions and building permits and contains information, on the basis of which a competent opinion-provider determines the compliance of the documentation with the regulations that are the basis for issuing opinions, and determines the conditions for the preparation of the project documentation for the execution of the construction and the use of the structure, the administrative body, on the other hand, decides if the conditions for issuing the building permit were fulfilled.

Project documentation for the execution of the construction (PZI)
Large-scale 1:50 DGD plans with a more detailed description of the construction, a window layout, details, an inventory of the construction and craft work, in order to search for offers from building contractors.

Project documentation of implementation work (PID)
The project documentation of the carried-out implementation work has the purpose of obtaining the operating authorization, the registration of the structure and the use, and maintenance of the structure. The project documentation of the implementation works shows deviations from the project documentation to obtain the opinions and the building permit, which was an integral part of the construction permit, and from the project documentation for the execution of the works, which had been attached to the application for the beginning of the construction, so that the modified parts or properties of the structure can be clearly identified.


Podjetje za projektiranje in inženiring, d.o.o.

Prešernova 14a,

5270 Ajdovščina,


GPS coordinates

Latitude : 45.888099

Longitude: 13.9067325

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Podjetje za pojektiranje in inženiring, d.o.o.

Prešernova 14a
5270 Ajdovščina